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Neverball is an open-source clone of the commercial game Super Monkey Ball. It’s mostly a test of skill/reflex with some strategy, including puzzles in some levels. This is my little page with some stuff for it, moreover practice for building website code. Right now the Neverball community temporarily exists on a Neverball Steam group and Reddit. I was registered on the original Neverball forum and now on the Steam group (not Reddit). The Steam group’s "Overview" page contains more information about the forum’s status.   --> Go to Official Neverball website.

My levels:

The first 2 levels in the first of the 2 sets below, as well as the second set’s 2 levels, were created sometime in 2012. The other 5 are from last 2 months. My level set is still a WIP! I’ll be posting the changes for each new release on the Neverball Steam group, or the Neverforum when it returns. During the 2 weeks after each new release, there will be a "new" icon on each added level screenshot below.
It the it’s levels-r9 
It the it’s levels-imp
The second set’s levels aren’t fully tested and could be impossible. They’ve been separated to avoid trouble when playing my real set. I’m not ever planning to delete these two, I just have to work on them some more!

Click on the screenshots for an enlargement!
Wood and Water
Pyramid Zone
Red Melon Building
Bounce Box
Ordinary Level with No Name
Lighted Warpzone
Triple Trouble Thwomps
2 potentially impossible levels: (separated into another set)
Split Dancing
The Diamond Trail


To view replays: In Linux, drop a replay in the "Replays/" directory in your hidden Neverball directory. In Windows 10, drop a replay in the "neverball\Replays\" directory found in "Users\username\AppData\Roaming\", or wherever your "AppData"-similarly named directory is.

Reshaun’s iLevels Hardcore - level 18
Reshaun’s iLevels Hardcore - level 19  This shows how a corner jump can "skip" things.
Krabby Krap’s Levels - level 19  This is another "level-skipping" bump-jump.
Krabby Krap’s Levels - level 20  This is cheap, but by chance!
Ctoan’s levels - level 3
Ctoan’s levels - level 4
Ctoan’s levels - level 5  This level was considerably less difficult than the last. :0


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This is an in-browser Sokoban game that I made with Javascript. It’s called NevPuttSok, because, by default, the player is shown with the "basic-ball" from Neverball, and the pushable items with the red-and-black ball from Neverputt. It is the first real program I wrote with any language, so it’s not the best Sokoban game. Each of the levels that the game contains is my original creation. In addition to the default graphics set, there is a list of graphics sets; each can be switched to between levels. Also featured in later levels are 3 pushable items, each with a different behavior: 1. An item which, after being pushed, only stops moving once it hits something. 2. An item which only moves once it’s pressed in one direction and then another. 3. An item which is pushed like the regular ones, but only does so once all the regular items are in their nests. (These 3 pushable items are coming soon, as well as more levels and graphics sets. I will note them in the change log, which is linked to below.)
Note: In order to save your progress, I have used cookies. So, if you control/delete your cookies to block malicious stuff, please don’t delete the ones I make, or you will lose all your progress!

There are 2 bugs:

  • For a little while after starting a level, the player’s graphics usually jitters somewhat. I could probably fix this using CSS animations (I’m currently handling each animation by switching it to an animated gif image and back again).
  • In order to ensure that my browser would remember the cookie’s expiration date (which is set as far in the future as possible) while it’s closed, I had to make my script re-add the expiration date each visit. Consequently, this causes two cookies to appear in my browser’s settings (and possibly yours) in later visits, but this does not seem to cause a problem.

The browser I’m using is Firefox 46.0.1; if your browser gives an error, or if you have any other problems, you might want to use Firefox. Also, the page for NevPuttSok uses regular frames (not iframes), which do not work well with small phone screens. You may point out any bugs that I am unaware of in my topic called, , on the Neverball Steam group.

If you play my level set and like it, please leave a comment on
the Neverball Steam group and I will reply with a face !

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