Here are photos showing some of my origami. The image links below go to the sections of the gallery.

Models by Others

origami index card tetrahedronModular
origami containerBoxes
origami appleSingle Sheet

Original Models

origami clovery cubeModular
origami 3D puff starSingle Sheet

I accumulated the origami pictured in the sections of the first row mostly during 2012-2013 and the rest during 2014-2016. Whenever a model in one of these sections has its diagrams or a video available online, I make the name of the model link to them. I hope this gallery will inspire you to explore all the fun and diverse media in the origami world!

If you happen to know the name/creator of any model pictured here whose name is taken by a "?", please contact me.

Single Sheet - Models by Others

origami box origami flat sonobe origami cuboctahedron Box by ? (left), 6-unit assembly of Flat Sonobe by Tomoko Fuse (top), Cuboctahedron by Thoki Yenn (right).
origami star of david Star of David by Gadi Vishne reverse-engineered from photo.
origami sunken icosahedron Sunken Icosahedron by John Montroll.
origami squishy blob Squishy Blob by Jeremy Shafer.
origami apple Apple by Shuzo Fujimoto.
origami butterflies Butterflies by Michael Lafosse.
origami mayur Mayur by Meenakshi Mukerji.
origami roses origami abstract flower origami hydrangea Top: Bl├╝tenkreisel by Carmen Sprung. The right one has its inner points lifted. Bottom: Abstract Flower by Meenakshi Mukerji (left) and Hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto (right).
origami hexagon box origami tetrahedron Hexagon Box by Shuzo Fujimoto (left) and Tetrahedron by John Montroll (right).
origami seamless cube origami tricorne Seamless Cube by Jacob Ewing (left) and Tricorne by Dave Mitchell (right).