Here are photos showing some of my origami. The image links below go to the sections of the gallery.

Models by Others

origami index card tetrahedronModular
origami containerBoxes
origami appleSingle Sheet

Original Models

origami clovery cubeModular
origami 3D puff starSingle Sheet

I accumulated the origami pictured in the sections of the first row mostly during 2012-2013 and the rest during 2014-2016. Whenever a model in one of these sections has its diagrams or a video available online, I make the name of the model link to them. I hope this gallery will inspire you to explore all the fun and diverse media in the origami world!

If you happen to know the name/creator of any model pictured here whose name is taken by a "?", please contact me.

Modular - Original Models

origami hourglass sonobe cuboctahedron
origami crater collapsed star cube
origami power fin sonobe
origami intersecting fins cube
origami clovery cube

The models from It The It's Super Mini Books - Cubes Group 1: Hour Glass Sonobe, Crater Collapsed Star Cube, Power Fin Sonobe, Intersecting Fins Cube, and Clovery Cube.

Sonobe Variations

origami long bow tie sonobe Long Bow Tie Sonobe: 30-unit assembly.
origami boxed bow tie sonobe origami boxed bow tie sonobe
Boxed Bow Tie Sonobe: 12- and 6- unit assembly.
origami z sonobe
origami z sonobe
Two views of Z-Sonobe: 12-unit assembly.

Sonobe-Like Models

origami winged pyramids Winged Pyramids.
origami volcano flowers cube Volcano Flowers Cube.
origami splitting star Splitting Star.


origami criss-cross hexagon unit cube
origami criss-cross hexagon unit dodecahedron
Criss-Cross Hexagon Unit: 12- and 30- unit assembly. It may not look like it, but I used 4 small cuts (2 for each side) to make this unit. I have not yet found a way to go without the cuts.
origami simple double sink dodecahedron
origami simple double sink dodecahedron
Two views of Simple Double Sink Dodecahedron.
origami simple double sink dodecahedron variation Variation
origami twist top
origami twist top
Two views of Twist Top, so-named for the Fujimoto twist fold used in the upper unit. This is an impure origami design because of the toothpick and the fact that it pierces trough the model. The paper holds onto the toothpick well enough, though. In addition to spinning on a table, you can hold the toothpick between fingers and blow at the side.
origami patterned turbine cuboctahedron Turbine Cuboctahedron.
origami patterned turbine cuboctahedron square face View of one square face.
The I-Ching Wheel by Michael G. LaFosse makes an ideal stand for this model. In the left photograph, one turbine is inserted into the hole of the wheel.