Here I link to some origami sites that I like. While most of them do not have many links to other sites, a few have a bunch, obviating the need to list some sites. Most have been created in the late 1990's or the early 2000's, so they probably do not contain virus-related Javascript. In each section, the links are listed in approximate order from having the least content to the most content. In the light green box, I will link to a few origami-related documents I wrote.

Sites with single sheet + modular origami:
  1. - Carlos A. Furuti's site
  2. - Alec Fehl's site
  3. - Dennis Walker's site
  4. - Origami Nut
  5. - Stephen Hecht's site
  6. - Peter Budai's site
  7. - Jasper's Home Page
  8. - Gilad Aharoni's site
  9. - Thoki Yenn's site
  10. - Gabriel Vong's Ori-Scope, & - Maarten van Gelder's site
  11. - Sara Adams's site, & - Origamiks
(Coming soon)

Sites with mostly modular origami:
  1. - Dave Mitchell's site
  2. - Francis Ow's site (1)
  3. - Tom Hull's site
  4. - Victoria Babinsky's site
  5. - Paula's Orihouse site (includes strip origami!)
  6. - Francis Ow's site (2)
  7. - Meenakshi Mukerji's site

Sites of origami societies:
(All of these links work as of mid-2015.)