Here are instructions for some of my original origami models. Each image link below goes to an information page for the model. The free instructions are roughly drawn compared to the ones I have for my favorite models, which are on Origami USA's The Source for sale. The image links for the latter have a light goldenrod background. I hope you find my drawings to be clear and my ways of explaining the steps helpful. If you have any difficulties in following any of the instructions, please contact me, and I will modify the instructions by request. All of instructions are in .pdf format.

Note: For every drawing in these instructions, I assume that the folder will read the accompanying text carefully (if any exist).

Free Instructions

origami fence instructions diagramsorigami traditional tray instructions diagramsorigami modular great dodecahedron instructions diagramsorigami single sheet octahedron instructions diagramsorigami criss-cross hexagon unit dodecahedron instructions diagramsorigami 3D fin star puff dish instructions diagramsorigami patterned turbine cuboctahedron instructions diagrams

Instructions on OUSA

origami clover of curves instructions diagramsorigami simple double sink dodecahedron instructions diagrams

Also on Origami USA is my one origami Mini ebook, to the left.
It has instructions for 5 more creations, which are modular cubes. It and more information on it is available at the page linked to by its cover image here.

Credit goes to for the images of the polyhedra.
Coming soon on this section: more origami instructions, and more Mini ebooks!

Have fun folding!